Monday, December 19, 2011

Thank you for everyone's participation.  I am temporary holding off on accepting more participants until I finish the current few portraits.  I will post the images as soon as they are completed.

This project is made possible by Leeway Foundation, in collaboration with Kun Yang Lin Dance Troupe, Asian Arts Initiative and participants of this project, with support from family, friends, colleagues at Studio Incamminati and my teachers, Nelson Shanks and Ismael Checo.

The Project:
Long time residents (aged 18 and older) of the Greater Philadelphia area are invited to participate in this project.  The participants agree to pose for their own portraits for a certain number of hours (between 5-15 hours, to be determined by the artist and the individual participant).  The portraits will be done in black and white drawing/painting medium.   Upon completion of the project (December 2012), the participants can keep their own portraits.  The portraits will also be exhibited.

The purpose of the project is to reflect and promote tolerance for racial diversity in the population of the Philadelphia region.   

What to Expect:

* Participants are asked to commit between 5 to 15 hours of their time in posing.  The posing time is determined by the individual participant's availability and the artist's assessment on whether or not the time allowed is sufficient in completing the portrait satisfactorily.
* Participants understand and are in agreement with the purpose of this project.

* Participants agree to their images being used to promote the exhibition and their portraits being exhibited.  They will need to sign a waiver.

* After the portrait is completed, if the participant decides to keep the portrait, he/she will be responsible for framing the portrait.  If the participant chooses not to keep the portrait, the artist will keep and be responsible for framing the portrait.  The artist can still choose to exhibit the portrait. 


Asian Arts Initiative 1219 Vine St Philadelphia PA   

Andrea (native Philadelphian)

Mughzee (native Philadelphian)

Oronde (native Philadelphian)
A very talented artist.